What is seo-blogger-template?

SEO Blogger template is a simple blogger template that is designed from new "template Designer" of blogger application. And it includes all Blogger hacks that improves ranking.
Some layouts are difficult for search engines to read, the best layout and design for blogger is here for free to download and install to your blogspot blog.
Search Engine Optimized blogger templates will look cool, attractive simple, and it is easily editable in Design template.

I have made it only in one color ( dark-blue). But you can change it to any other color as you like. All images are hosted on my personal account at photobucket.com.
Experience with seo blogger template will be helpful instead of wasting time on other templates. This layout is easily indexed and read by most of search engines.
One mistake that mose of the blogger do while selecting a template is they choose such layout that is apealing and having pictures as backgrounf and other fancy layots... But they do not know that is this template is google friendly or not, will it be easyly indexed and searched or not. So dont use such template that have alot of javascripts or images etc.

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