Add/insert jumpbreak to blogger Post.

How to insert a jumpbreak to your blogger post without adding any code to the template?. This is another tip. Updated Blogger Editor has new tools to use, dictionary and spell check are also newly added tools to Post editor.
Blogspot has three editors to write posts and pages, one is Hide compose mode (HTML only) editor where you can only add html to write post. If you are good at HTML you can do very well in HTML editor.
Other is old HTML editor this includes some more tools as compare to "Hide compose mode HTML" Editor.
The third one added is Updated editor this includes much more tools as compare to other two and this is also a recomended editor for bloggers.
Updated editor has a tool called "jump bread". To add a jumb break to post simply click on that tool it will add a jumpbread to your post.


If you want to show only title of your post then add jump break at the top and if you want to show any portion of the post and want to hide remaining for clicking read more then add jump break between them.

To select advanced editor go to settings and Basic. And select your editor at the end and save.

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