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some SEO techniques for Blogger Template

Bloggers Blog can be ranked just its template needs to be optimized. Everyone wants ranking in search engines, a blog can b on no1 in google you have to do some changes and efforts to make it on first page. Custom design or coding of template does not make it to come on no1. After making a blog its title code should be replaced so that ost title should b befor blog title when a post is opened.
Before you make postings at your blog you need to optimize your blog with few things, these includes -title tags-, -meta tags for homepage-, -use of headings-, -meta tags for seprate page-, -share and bookmarking icons-, -labels and categories-, -related post with categories-, -bread crumb-, -subscribe to RSS feed- etc.
All these changes are called as onpage optimization these are need to b done first. Later on offpage optimization will help in ranking the blog.

1st Optimizaton -title tags replacement-

Default Blogger template has title tags in such a way that when homepage is opened it shows title on tha page and when any post or page is opened it again shows homepage title and then post or page title. This is not good for search engine it should be replaced with custom title tag (Page title - Homepage title).
Title tags is at the beginning of the blog in HEAD section. Title is very important in SE Optimization. The first thing that a crawler look inside the blog is title of the Blog.
Optimize title tag of Blogger

Meta tags for Homepage of Blogger

Second thing that crawler do after looking at title is Description and then Keywords. Make description containing your keyword. This description is shown after TITLE in search result. If a blogger is not using meta tags then few words of first pot will appear as description. Description is important to tell what your blog is about. If you want to show same description under title in blog then go to Settings and formating then add the same description over there.
Add meta tags to your blog

Importance of H1 and sub-Headings

As it was an old concept that Bolded Keywords are easily crawled by search engines. Now Headings are easily searched by search engines.
Use H1 tags for Post title and use sub-headings inside the content. Default blogger templates contains H2 tags for Post title and old layout templates has H3 for Post title. To add H1 for a post title you need to edit your template and optimize it.
Headings H1 for Post title of Blogger

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